Lab Puppy Client Mail

Koda is doing great


Just wanted to send you a quick photo and let you know Koda is doing great! She is a wonderful Lab and we are so happy to have her! Our little dog Zoe won this particular game of Tug. Koda now knows sit, down, stay,roll over, wait and will move to my left side with the command of heel.. We are doing a puppy kindergarten class with her which has been a great deal of fun. I am hoping to start a puppy agility class with her at the end of July. We could not have asked for a dog with a better personality for us. She is loving and smart, energetic and yet happy to snuggle. Thanks for such a great puppy!


JoAnne and family!

An update on Brenna

Brenna, lab puppy pictures 2014

As an update, Brenna is doing really well and has fit into our family perfectly.we could not be happier! She was 42.5 lbs and in perfect health on her last vet appointment a few weeks ago and is doing well in puppy training (she has 'sit', 'lay down', 'stay', and 'off' figured out perfectly and when she retrieves she is happy to 'drop'). Attached are some pictures from when she first came home beside some taken from this past weekend.

Warm Regards,

The Jones Family


Ivory in vancouver

Hi there!

Dan and I wanted to touch base to let you know how the puppy is! She is doing amazing. She's going through her teething stage right now but still super adorable. She's not too hyper and not too shy she's perfect!! She's very friendly, energetic and happy. We've been taking her on a lot of hikes and to the beach where she has a blast in the water.

Here are some pictures of her!!

Shugar Bear

Shugar bear,white labrador retreiver
White labrador retreiver Shugar bear,

Hi there!

Just wanted to send you some new pics and tell you that the trainer we have been working with says that Sammy is a very well bred dog, with very high intelligence (she figures in top 20%). He is doing wonderfully well. He's tough as nails, fearless, happy, confident, and very social! He has started going to doggie daycare to play with a pack, and we've met another white lab in the neighbourhood that is a month older, and the two of them play like little soul mates. I hope his siblings and all the other pups are doing great too.

Have a great spring.



Keela in vancouver

Hi there!

Hello Udon Star,

I just wanted to let you know that our puppy Keela, is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She has been a wonderful addition to out family. She is so loving; she loves snuggles and playing with her toys. She is a joy to have around the house, and everyone who meets her comments on what a lovely dog she is.

We could not be more happy.



Boomer, yellow male labrador retreiver


I am sending a few pictures of Boomer for you to see. He is doing well and growing fast and We are very happy with him. he is beautiful and has such a wonderful personality. Regards,

Anne & Don

Boomer update

Boomer, yellow male labrador Boomer


Here are the latest photos of Boomer taken this last week in his 'Watchdog' puppy mode. He alerts us when anyone comes by. He is such a happy, confident and outgoing boy and growing up so fast. I am curious to know what his birth order was within his group of siblings. He is going to weekly puppy classes and he is doing very well with walking on the leash and 'checks in' to look at me which is what the trainer said is good for him to do. We are also working on his 'Sit & Stay' which he is doing well at too. On Sunday, the class will talk about nipping, chewing, jumping and other behaviors. We Love our youngster, 'Boomer'. He is growing up into a very handsome dog.... we receive A LOT of compliments when we are out with him.

Anne & Don



Hello Udonstar!

Thought we would send some picks of Pete and his buddies. Once again you guys have bred an amazing pup. We love them like crazy and can't believe how smart and well behaved they are:)


Sadi, one year old black labrador retreiver

Hi Udonstar

Sadi is celebrating her first birthday! She is happy and healthy and has turned into bit of a "material girl"; loves her toys. She has many dog friends and is admired by everybody she meets. She is very kind and loving to all; a wonderful member of our family.


Lee & Bridget