How Things Work

Early deposits:

We are accepting deposits on future litters. We have puppies throughout the year. If you know what you want and when you want it, email us. Be elaborate in your comments, let us know what type of lab you are looking for. Color and gender is easy, temperament is also a big factor. We will put your deposit on the best matching puppy. We are usually able to deliver within a month or two of the time specified by you.

Deposits on puppies new-born to seven weeks old

We usually announce new arrivals on our Available Puppy page when they are two to three weeks old. During this period we accept deposits on puppies that are available.

The meet date

The meet date is usually on the Saturday after the puppies seven week birthday. Everyone who placed a deposit on a puppy before the meet date, will be invited at the meet date to meet the puppies and to pick their puppy. Puppies will be chosen in order as deposits received. If you can't make it to the meet date you can choose your puppy from pictures or we can choose a puppy for you.

Deposit refunds

Deposits are refundable up to the meet date but become non-refundable at that date. So, if you don't like the puppies or their parents you can get your deposit back at the meet date.

After the meet date

If there are still puppies available after the meet date you can make an appointment to meet the puppies. You can than place a deposit on a puppy in person.

Visits before the meet date

For bio-security reasons we cannot allow puppy visits on young puppies. The puppies are not vaccinated and have virtually no resistance against distemper and the parvo virus. If puppies under six weeks of age get infected with the parvo virus, 90% of them will die. And there is no benefit in meeting young puppies. Of course, they are turbo-cute but mental and physical traits are not developed before around seven weeks. There is no benefit in meeting the puppies before seven weeks of age.

Puppies that are ready to go

Puppies are ready to go usually at the Saturday after their eight week birthday. If there are still puppies available after the "ready to go" date you can make an appointment to meet the puppies. A puppy can then be purchased and go home with you.

Website updates

We get a few emails every day asking which puppies are available. We update the website as soon as deposits are placed. There may be a "sale pending" on a puppy but usually the website is up-to-date. We update pictures on our website every two weeks, usually when the puppies are 3, 5 and 7 weeks old.